Avi Heikkinen

CBA: Science/Fiction (2020)


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CBA: Science/Fiction (2020)

International comics anthology featuring these great artists:

Avi Heikkinen [FI] **
Danijel Žeželj [HR/US]
Radovan Popović [RS]
Korina Hunjak [HR]
Ivana Filipović [RS/CA]
Francisco Sousa Lobo [PT]
Oskar Aspman [SE]
Kinga Dukaj [SE]
Mattias Elftorp [SE]

Science and fiction rule our lives. The laws of physics seem set in stone while the laws of man are arbitrary mirrors of the morality of the times. Gods and spirits are creations of the mind but also the explanation when comprehension fails. What lies beyond our understanding? Is it more science or something else? What dark forces lurk outside our field of vision? What machineries of death and destruction are we yet to invent in the name of money (which used to be metal and paper but is now to a great extent nothing but speculation and expectations)? What (or who) else meet in the intersection between science fiction and real science? What came first? The egg or the hatching machine?

** Tässä antologiassa mukana oleva minun sarjakuva on Oulun pohjoismaisen sarjakuvakilpailun voittanut sarjakuvanovelli Syöksykierre englanninkielisenä käännöksenä.

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